McCalls 6400 View A, the review

Tops are my priority this year…so last week when I wanted a quick and easy top to use as a diversion from some other not so fun sewing I was doing. This nice little number saved my sanity. McCall’s 6400
McCall’s 6400, a lightweight jersey from Joann fabrics and 45 minutes of my time yielded a really nice asymmetrical number. 
After fiddling with the short sleeve side, I decided to sew up closer into the armhole in order to avoid bra show through.  The next time I make this I will for sure use the long sleeved version.  It is really hard to keep the “pull” of the fabric from causing the short side to skew underneath the bust.
Here it is with a new skirt that I will review in another blog.
All-in-all, I will definitely make this top again, and would highly recommend it for any beginner.
I hope you enjoy the pics.  Thanks for following.


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